Confident with the interest generated by Circuits Bijoux in 2013, the association D’un bijou à l’autre launches a new edition


An event entirely dedicated to jewellery

The Parcours Bijoux will be a landmark occurrence gathering around 60 events around the jewellery field: exhibitions, performances, conferences…  The openings of the exhibitions should take place between the 25th September until the 15th of November 2017.

The Parcours Bijoux is open to jewellery makers, visual artists, photographers dealing with issues concerning the body and adornment, experts or historians, anybody enthusiastic about broadening the scope of the jewellery field.
Each participant will be completely autonomous to set up their exhibition (after selection of the project). Therefore, each participant will be responsible for the progress of their project.


Show French and international contemporary jewellery’s diversity inscribed in time.

Promote exchanges between the different actors of the jewel: artists, galleries, museums, buyers, theorists, historians, collectors.

Building a lasting interest and appreciation of the art form in France and in the world.


What is it about?

The Parcours is an event about jewellery, gathering around thirty exhibitions, performances, conferences…

What is the Parcours’ goal?

The Parcours aims to present, to a large public, jewellery’s diversity and richness. A particular attention will be drawn to projects highlighting contemporary creation.

When will the Parcours take place?

The Parcours will be held during the autumn 2017. According to the projects and the venues, the different events could last from one day to 2 months.

Who organizes the Parcours and the exhibitions?

D’un bijou à l’autre is responsible for the organization and for the overall coordination of the Parcours. (Funding research, links between public and private organizations, management communication and press relations).

Afterwards, each project leader will be in charge of his/her show (finding a venue, scenography, curating…) including financing it ( transportation costs, insurances, communication linked to his/her event…)

Why participate?

The Parcours Bijoux offers the opportunity to be associated with an ambitious project which aims to highlight the diversity of jewellery’s. It’s a unique occasion to channel energies in order to make our field of activity better known.

Where will the events  take place?

The projects have to take place within Paris and in public spaces (museums, galleries, boutiques…). Projects taking place in private venues (workshops, apartments …) won’t be considered.

What kind of jewellery?

The aim is to present authorial pieces, one-of-a-kind pieces or small series. These jewellery pieces should have innovative or original qualities in relation to their period of making.

Is it possible to have a single exhibition in my own gallery/shop?

No,  the gallery/boutique must include one other artist in the project.

 Which are the selection criteria?

Projects will be chosen on several criteria:
– A comprehensive response meeting all the conditions of admission
– Originality and quality of the project
– Quality of  previous work by the project’s participants
It is important that the Parcours show diversity in the artistic practice

What if one of the admission requirements is not fulfilled?

If any admission requirement is not met, chances to take part in the Parcours can diminish.
However, if you do have a project but nowhere to exhibit, you can still present a project.
You’ll have until 15th January 2017 to find a place. Take care, though, many institutions close their schedule 18 months in advance

(Applications for Parcours Bijoux 2017 are now closed)

Follow the link to the Parcours Bijoux website